What is Avetta LLC Charge on Credit Card | All You Need to Know!

Since you never know the exact reason for credit card charges. Many times users are caught off guard wondering what these charges are all about. One among them is Avetta LLC Charge on Credit Card. Are you wondering what it means and why you have been charged? This is the question, I shall answer in this article, stay around to know. 

Avetta LLC is a company that provides supply chain management services, specifically focusing on connecting suppliers with potential clients. The mode of payment accepted by Avetta LLC includes credit card payment as well. So the credit card charges can not be ruled out. 

What is Avetta LLC Charge on Credit Card? If you want to know more about it in this article, stay connected to know in detail. 

What is Avetta LLC Charge on Credit Card?

Avetta LLC Charge on Credit Card

Avetta LLC Charge on Credit Card are the charges levied by Avetta LLC for the services they offer. There is no definite reason for the credit card charges. However, there are two main reasons you might see a charge from them on your credit card:

1. Subscription Fee: Avetta offers subscription plans that grant suppliers access to their platform. If you subscribed to their service, there likely would be automatic recurring charges. Check your Avetta account or contact them to confirm the subscription details.

2. Supplier Prequalification: Avetta also offers prequalification checks, which can be a one-time fee rather than a subscription.

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How to Figure Out Avetta LLC Charge on Credit Card? 

Credit Card

It has therefore come to the fore that Avetta LLC charges on Credit Cards are genuine and authorized, however, it can be ruled out that you can be duped and tricked in by the fraudsters. That is why it is important to figure out the reasons for the Avetta LLC Charge on Credit Card. 

1. Review Your Credit Card Statement

One of the easiest and simplest methods to figure out the Avetta LLC charges on your credit card is to review your credit card statement. Look for the description associated with the Avetta charge. It might mention a subscription plan or prequalification service. This will help you know the reason for the said charges. 

2. Check Your Avetta Account 

Being an Avetta user, you might have an Avetta account. Log in and see your billing history or subscription details. Going through the billing history or the subscription details will help you figure out the Charge on the Credit Card. 

3. Contact Avetta

Another option that you can try is to contact the Avetta and ask for the required information.  You can call Avetta at 949-936-4500 or reach out through their contact form to inquire about the specific charge. Don’t shy away from explaining the entire situation to them. 

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4. Contact Your Credit Card Issuer

Credit Card

If none of the above-given options works for you. The last and the most reliable option you are left with is to contact your credit card issuer and ask them to provide the information with regard to the credit card charges. 

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Wrapping Up

Avetta LLC Charge on Credit Card is a reality and if you are using the services of Avetta and have used your credit card to make payments, then the charges can be genuine and authorized. However, if you at any given point of time feel that the charges are not genuine, figure out the charges and raise the dispute to redress the issue. 

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