Is Letmeone Dot Com Genuine Or Scam?

Are you curious to know if Letmeone dot com is genuine or a scam? 

Through some of our resources, Letmeone dot is a newly registered domain. Though it does not represent any website. 

To know more about the Letmeone dot com, read the article below.

What is Letmeone dot com?

Letmeone dot com is a newly registered domain that doesn’t have its own website. Letmeone dot com website will redirect you to other websites.

Just like that if you have ever tried working with this particular website you will be redirected to a website named “Ashley Madison”. 

However, Letmeone is not considered to be a legitimate website and has been suspected of a scam.

What is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison is a social networking site that deals with online dating. This website mainly targets married couples or those couples who are already in a relationship. 

It was introduced by Darren J. Morgenstern in 2002. Ashley and Madison have their slogan that says “ Life is short, have a relationship”. 

The website currently has its headquarters in Canada. However, the website helps you to create a profile, follow other people, and send chats to the people you wish to talk with. 

Ashely and Madison are always targeted by scammers because of the personal information of users that the website holds. 

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Malware Infection Alert!

Logging into such unauthorized websites which are not authentic can infect your devices by stealing all the personal information that you have entered into the interface of the website. 

Websites like Letmeone dot com redirect you to the scam pages or the pages that will affect your devices with malware scams.

This generally happens when you try to log into any dating website. 

How to be aware of Letmeone dot com?

Here’s what you can do to be aware of Letmeone dot com. 

You need to be careful before submitting your personal information on any such website that redirects you to any other website. 

Always search well before sharing your personal information with any application or website. 

Make sure to keep a strong password on payment access. Try not to share your passwords with anyone. 

Frequently asked questions about Letmeone dot com.

Is Letmeone dot com a legitimate website?

No, Letmeone is not a legitimate website to redirect you to any other website where you fill in all your necessary details, and after it all vanishes.

Does Ashley Madison ever get hacked?

Yes, Ashley and Madison were hacked in July 2015, the hackers leaked all the personal information of the users including emails, phone numbers, addresses, and credit card details.  

Is there a risk of malware infection if we reach Letmeone dot com? 

Yes, there is a high chance of getting your device malware infected by reaching out to such scammed websites. 


Thus, this article might have helped you with the necessary information related to the Letmeone dot com. This website is usually considered a scam and leaves you with a high risk of getting your device malware scammed. 

So make sure that the website is legitimate and authentic every time you log in to any dating or such type of social networking site. 

Also, these websites always remain a target for hackers, so avoid providing your credit card or any personal details to any such websites.  

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