What is the Rikim Inc Charge on Credit Card?

Noticing an unfamiliar Credit Card charge is always irritating and disturbing. There are many such transactions that users notice day in and day out. Rikim Inc Charge on Credit Card is one such charge that I shall be dealing with in this article. Let us dive in to know more about it. 

Managing your finances has become quite easy and convenient due to the availability of Credit Cards. However, it is important to use it wisely. At times, it can lead to trouble since many users report unauthorized and unauthentic charges. 

What is the Rikim Inc Charge on Credit Card? Let us find out the answer to this question. Stay tuned to know. 

Is Rikim Inc Charge on Credit Card Legit?

Since there is no proof of the authenticity and the legitimacy of Rikim Inc, it prima facie, seems to be a fraudulent website that tends to attract users by offering discounts on products like clothes, bath and body products, puzzles, etc. Therefore, Rikim Inc Charge on Credit Card can’t termed as legit and authentic. Owing to the nature of the company, the charge seems to be suspicious. All this is a good enough reason to identify and verify the charges as it can be an attempted scam that can lead to financial losses.

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How to Identify Rikim Inc Charge on Credit Card?

Rikim Inc Charge on Credit Card

There are several methods that you can use to identify credit card charges on your credit card. Here is how to identify Rikim Inc Charge on Credit Card. 

1. Check Your Credit Card Statement

Check your credit card statements and try to find out if you have purchased anything from Rikkim Inc. Look for the charges from Rikim Inc. around the time you suspect fraudulent activity. Note the amount, date, and any description provided in the statement. 

2. Recognize the Red Flag

If you don’t remember placing an order with Rikim Inc., especially if it follows online ads or social media promotion for a product that seems too good to be true, then it really is a red flag, that can’t be taken lightly. 

3. Contact Your Bank 

If you fail to identify the Rikim Inc charge on your Credit Card, the last option you are left with is to contact your bank and ask them for the information about it. They will provide you with the complete information about the transaction. 

What to do if Rikim Inc Charge on Credit Card is Unauthorized?

In case, you feel that the Rikim Inc. charge on Credit Card is unauthorized, this is a red flag and you must take the appropriate measures to avoid financial losses. It can severely affect your budget as your Credit card can be sued against your will. Here is what you can do in such a situation. 

1. Contact the Bank/Credit Card Issuer

Contact your credit card issuer. Inform them about the unauthorized charge on your credit card. They will ask you for information such as the date of deduction, the amount deducted, location, etc. Keep this information ready, so that the correspondence between the two carries on smoothly. 

2. Cancel Your Credit Card

If you think your Credit Card information has been in the wrong hands and can be sued against your will. Cancel your Credit Card. That will help you as nobody can use this card to make any payment in the future. However, you can at the same time apply for the new Credit card with new card details. 

3. Report the Scam

If you have been a victim of a scam, you must report the scam to BBB or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). They will carry on the investigation in the matter and can help you in getting your money back, besides taking the scammers to the task. So, if you feel scammed, don’t hesitate to report it to the concerned authorities.

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Wrapping Up 

The question What is the Rikim Inc Charge on Credit Card, has been dealt with at length in this article. In case, you notice any such transaction on your credit card, it is a suspicious sort of transaction, therefore needs to be dealt with accordingly.  You can refer to this article to know more about it. 

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