Top 5 Free Money-Saving Apps You Need to Download Today

Who does not want to save money? All of us do. Is it not true? There is an old saying, that money saved is money earned.  

Since there are many money-saving apps available in the market to help you save money, financial technology has grown quite quickly, which has helped money-saving apps grow. Most of these apps are free. Here is the list of 5 Best money-saving apps that you can try to save money. 


Mint is no less your personal finance manager. The app lets you safely connect and sync your bank accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts for a complete financial overview. 

1. Unique Features

The reasons why you should opt for Mint, a money-saving app are listed below. The following features are testimony to this claim.  

Automatic Transaction Categorization

The Mint app automatically breaks down your spending. It helps you understand where your money is being spent. 

Budgeting Tools

You can set your budget for different categories and keep track of your progress. This way you can achieve your financial goals without breaking your head. 

Bill Pay Reminders

Mint gives you timely reminders whenever you miss a bill payment. This way you would not miss out on any bill dues. 

Financial Insights

Mint offers personal expert advice and tips. This will help you in improving your overall financial health. 

2. What Makes Mint Stand Out?

The Mint app provides you with a complete breakdown of your finances. It is a perfect tool for people who want to manage their money easily. So, if you are looking for one such tool that can be easy to use alongside the unique and different features, Mint is an app that you can try. 

You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget follows a zero based budgeting approach. It means that every dollar you earn has a specific purpose. This way you spend your money cautiously by allotting your income to categories before the month begins. 

1. Unique Features

The features offered by You Need a Budget are listed below. 

Zero-Based Budgeting

The zero-based budgeting of the app makes you think about your spending and cuts down on overspending. 

Goal Setting

It allows you to be clear about your financial goals and track your progress. 


With the help of the forecasting option, you are allowed to see how your budgeting decisions will influence your future finances. 

Educational Resources

You Need a Budget also acts as an educational resource as it helps you to learn the ways and methods to master budgeting by using YNAB’s tutorials and articles.

2. What Makes You Need a Budget Stand Out

You Need a Budget is a perfect option for you if you want to build a solid budgeting foundation. This helps you take control of your spending. 


When you shop online or dine out, you can get a part of your purchase as cashback with Rakuten. Rakuten is one of the viable options that you can opt for when it comes to money-saving apps. 

1. Unique Features

The features of the Rakuten are given below. This will give you an idea, of whether you should opt for this platform or not. 

Cashback Rewards

The feature of cashback rewards allows you to get back money on daily purchases at thousands of stores and restaurants. 

Coupons & Deals

Another feature of Rakuten is the coupons and deals. You get more discounts and promo codes so that you can increase your savings.

Easy Cashout

Rakuten is one of the preferred saving apps for the reason that it offers you easy cashout. You can get the option to use the cashback on gift cards or transfer them to your bank account. 

2. What Makes Rakuten Stand Out

Rakuten helps you earn passive savings on your daily purchases. You will feel like you have got an in-store discount code. 

Now as we speak of saving money, we tend to spend a lot of money on our daily entertainment too. There are various streaming apps that we spend money on. All these can avoided by the use of Kodi, which is an open-source media player software. 

It helps you save money on your content streaming with the help of add-ons.  So, enhance your Kodi experience with Addons and save your precious money. However, you also need to remember that Rauken does offer cashback on OTT subscriptions.  Keep an eye on their app and website and check if they have any partnered stores offering cashback. 

Rocket Money

Rocket Money reviews your bills and negotiates lower rates with your service providers. This potentially saves you hundreds of dollars per year. 

1. Unique Features

Here are the unique features offered by Rocket Money. Go through the list. It will help you to make an informed choice. 

Bill Negotiation 

Rocket Money can save your cable, internet, phone, and other bills on your behalf.  

Subscription Tracking

You get more discounts and promo codes so that you can increase your savings. 

What Makes Rocket Money Stand Out? 

Rocket Money saves you time and money by negotiating your bills and revealing hidden subscription fees. So This is one of the many apps that you can opt for when it comes to money-saving apps. 


Qapital is not only a money-saving app, it makes saving fun and exciting. It allows you to save and create unique “rules” to save automatically. 

1. Unique Features

Here are the unique features offered by Qapital.

Rules-Based Saving

You can set up rules to trigger automatic deposits to your savings account, like reaching a step goal or not buying something at a certain store. 

Goal Tracking

Keep track of your progress toward your savings goals and remain motivated. 

Multiple Savings Goals

You can set up different savings goals for different things, like vacations and gadgets. 

2. What Makes Qapital Stand Out

Saving money can be fun with Qapital. The app is perfect for people who struggle with traditional saving methods. Owing to the features offered by Qapital, you can opt for this app to save money.

The Bottom Line 

These top  5 free money-saving apps are powerful tools that can help you save money. Download them now and make the best use of them. Remember, you need to be consistent here. You can get the best of the apps by using them regularly. 

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